My Pregnancy Cravings

The Good, The Bad and The OMG!

I know the thought must cross the minds of every pregnant woman at some stage of their pregnancy… What am I going to crave… Hmmm, Chocolate, Ice Cream or maybe a jar of pickles.

After all, Pregnancy is probably the only time we have an excuse to indulge ourselves in all the fatty, sweet and irresistibly delicious foods that we often feel too guilty to eat.

So as I head into my final few days of pregnancy, let me share with you some of the things that my little princess has had me craving over the past 37 weeks.

First Trimester:

LIPTON PEACH ICE TEA… Oh yes, once I had depleted the stock of our little supermarket under our building, I had hubby running to the local supermarket to stock up in bulk.

WENDY’s CHEESE FRIES… Breakfast, lunch, and dinner! The staff already knew my order before I walked into the restaurant (Extra Cheese Madam? YES PLEASE!!!)

Second Trimester:

Here comes the cringe (DON’T JUDGE)

Green Olives stuffed into…. Wait for it….. MARSHMALLOWS

Yummy, the perfect combination of sweet and salty; my mouth watered just thinking about it.

Third Trimester:

I must say that the third trimester has been the best by far, my appetite finally increased and I was able to eat normal meals without feeling violently ill. As for the cravings…

FRENCH FRIES SOAKED IN VINEGAR J Sooooo Yummy! (But gave me extremely bad heartburn; It was worth it!)


ICE… ICE… BABY… I have become an ice making monster over the past 2 weeks, nothing gives me more pleasure than standing at the refrigerator at 2am crushing ice chips and eating it. I am not even sure how many glasses of crushed ice I consume a day, but it is Oh So Good and I don’t care!

Of course, there have been the odd cravings for things that are forbidden during pregnancy such as Feta Cheese and Sushi, but I just keep telling myself its only a few more months… weeks and finally days, until I can once again indulge myself in all the Sushi I can get my hands on.

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