Baby Sensory UAE

A fun sensory learning environment for babies 0-13 months old.

I took my 6 months old to a try out a sensory class with Baby Sensory UAE at The Mall in Jumeirah. Our class had around 6 moms and babies between the ages of 0-6 months old participating.

The class is conducted by a lovely instructor who takes you through all the activities and songs if you are a first timer.

Age appropriate songs are sung with an introduction to sign language learning the signs for words like Love, Moon, Stars, Hear etc. I loved the idea of introducing sign language at a young age, Luna also seemed to be very engaged.

Each class for the week has a different theme. On the day of our class the theme was weather and each song and activity followed the theme. We did a sensory activity symbolizing rain with a piece of plastic sheet that imitated the sound of rain, while bubbles were blown around the room feeling like raindrops as they popped against your skin.

Classes run for 1 hour which include a 20 minute break for diaper changes or feeds. During the break, your little ones can also explore the ball pit and soft play area inside the Smart Start Center where the classes are held.

Baby Sensory UAE offers classes for different age groups ranging from 0-5 years old and prices differ depending on single booked classes or packages purchased.

You can also download KidzApp on your mobile phone where you can book classes directly on the App and choose which location suits you the best.

For more information on Baby Sensory classes please visit:

Baby Sensory – 055 112 6895

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