We’re Expecting!

When I made the decision to move to Dubai 4 years ago, I never thought that it would be here that I would fall in love with my best friend, get married and start my life. I was only 22 years old and had big dreams, Dubai was only supposed to be temporary.

After meeting my husband, we dated for 2 and a half years before he finally popped the question in the most romantic way ever (Underwater surrounded by thousands of fish…. Even though I am deathly afraid of fish!). Then came the time to start discussing our future, him being an Arabic man I always knew that he wanted a big family, but from the beginning of our relationship, I made it very clear that there was a possibility that I could not have children and he understood.

At the young age of 13, I was diagnosed with Endometriosis which is an often painful disorder in which tissue that normally lines the inside of your uterus — the endometrium — grows outside your uterus. This painful disorder caused me to bleed heavily and resulted in me having 3 operations within 5 years; my doctor broke the news to me at age 18 that I might never be able to have children. The news broke my heart as it was all I ever wanted, to have my own little family.

We quickly put the idea of children out of our minds and carried on building our careers in Dubai, me as a flight attendant and him as a manager at one of the popular hotels. We were married at the start of 2016 and enjoyed taking the next steps as husband and wife; we were happy and content with life.

As a flight attendant, you have to study and retake your exams yearly and I was due for my retake; I was stressed out! I was up for nights on end doing my studying and prep for the 3 days of exams coming up, that I didn’t even notice that my period was late, when I eventually realized, I just thought it was due to stress over the exams and not having a regular cycle was nothing new to me.

It wasn’t until a week later that I decided to take a pregnancy test….. And…… SURPRISE!!! We were expecting.

I have never felt so much overwhelming joy in my entire life; I cried happy tears the whole day and planned a special surprise to reveal the news to hubby that night. He was over the moon with excitement.

Now 36 weeks later we are anxiously awaiting the arrival of our little bundle of joy.

This is the start of our magical adventure.

My Pregnancy Cravings

The Good, The Bad and The OMG!

I know the thought must cross the minds of every pregnant woman at some stage of their pregnancy… What am I going to crave… Hmmm, Chocolate, Ice Cream or maybe a jar of pickles.

After all, Pregnancy is probably the only time we have an excuse to indulge ourselves in all the fatty, sweet and irresistibly delicious foods that we often feel too guilty to eat.

So as I head into my final few days of pregnancy, let me share with you some of the things that my little princess has had me craving over the past 37 weeks.

First Trimester:

LIPTON PEACH ICE TEA… Oh yes, once I had depleted the stock of our little supermarket under our building, I had hubby running to the local supermarket to stock up in bulk.

WENDY’s CHEESE FRIES… Breakfast, lunch, and dinner! The staff already knew my order before I walked into the restaurant (Extra Cheese Madam? YES PLEASE!!!)

Second Trimester:

Here comes the cringe (DON’T JUDGE)

Green Olives stuffed into…. Wait for it….. MARSHMALLOWS

Yummy, the perfect combination of sweet and salty; my mouth watered just thinking about it.

Third Trimester:

I must say that the third trimester has been the best by far, my appetite finally increased and I was able to eat normal meals without feeling violently ill. As for the cravings…

FRENCH FRIES SOAKED IN VINEGAR J Sooooo Yummy! (But gave me extremely bad heartburn; It was worth it!)


ICE… ICE… BABY… I have become an ice making monster over the past 2 weeks, nothing gives me more pleasure than standing at the refrigerator at 2am crushing ice chips and eating it. I am not even sure how many glasses of crushed ice I consume a day, but it is Oh So Good and I don’t care!

Of course, there have been the odd cravings for things that are forbidden during pregnancy such as Feta Cheese and Sushi, but I just keep telling myself its only a few more months… weeks and finally days, until I can once again indulge myself in all the Sushi I can get my hands on.

Letter To My Unborn Child

First Pregnancy – Leila

To the little thing growing inside my belly…

My love, from the moment I knew that you were growing inside me, I loved you! I had wished and prayed for you for so long and now it’s only a few more days until I get to hold your little body in my arms and love you unconditionally.

Over the past 38 weeks, I have watched you grow on the doctor’s screen and shed a tear for each of beautiful developments. I have seen my belly grow from a small little bump to the size of a watermelon and we gave you cute little nicknames as you grew.

At 18 weeks the doctor finally told us that you were a little GIRL!!! I was so happy that I almost fell off the bed, the doctor laughed and daddy shed a little happy tear. From that day on I was floating in a cloud of pink bubbles… That’s what I used to call you, My bubbles!

Daddy and I then set out on a journey choose the perfect name for you. We wanted something special, and because you always seemed to be more active at night we decided to call you Leila; which means night or dark beauty.

I am not going to lie; I have fears for you coming into this world, where you will face challenges and hardships, not like in my belly where you are safe! But, I do promise to protect you with everything I have, your father and I will do our best to raise you to become a strong woman and to love and cherish everything in life.

All I want for you in life is very simple… I want you to be happy, healthy and loved. I promise not only to be your mom but also your best friend, I want you to confide in me and trust that I will always be by your side to help and guide you. Your dad will be your protector and will love you unconditionally; because as he says “She Is My Little Girl” and he can’t wait to hold you in his arms as he already holds you in his heart.

My Leila, one day you will read this letter and just know that no matter how old you get, you will always be my little girl and I will always be your mommy.

My dear little one; Thank you for choosing me to be your mom, I can’t wait to meet you!

The Bond That Breastfeeding Created

I am a nursing mother of two young children, my eldest daughter has just turned two and my youngest is two months old. My journey to this point has been full of joy, determination, sleepless nights and long warm milky cuddles.

When you fall pregnant for the first time, there are so many things that you think about. Boy or girl, breast or bottle, natural or c-section. It’s a lot to take in, it is overwhelming and as moms, it is us and only us who can decide on what we feel is best for our children. I chose to breastfeed, no one forced me, and it is a decision I made after doing tons of research and asking other moms what worked for them.

When Leila, my eldest daughter was born, she latched onto my breast just a few minutes after birth. It was a special moment and I knew from the very beginning that I had made the right choice. Within the first two weeks, I endured cracked, bleeding nipples, mastitis and horrible fevers. So many times I just wanted to give up and give her a bottle. I experienced low milk supply and had to take supplements to increase it so that I could maintain enough milk to keep her fed. I was determined to continue and as time went on, it got easier and the bond between me and my daughter was unbreakable.

I was told by so many people that I should not be nursing my toddler while I was pregnant with my second daughter, but I chose to listen to my body and continued under the supervision of my doctor. In fact, because I continued breastfeeding during my pregnancy I did not have any problems with feeding my newborn; it was a smooth and easy transition. It was my plan to stop breastfeeding Leila when Luna was born because I was scared that I would not produce enough, or the right consistency of milk for my newborn, but a very wise lactation consultant assured me that I would still be able to continue feeding both girls and that my body would provide for each of their needs individually. I truly believe that breastfeeding is nature’s way of showing us how amazing a mom really is. It is truly wonderful to know that my body has the ability to create life, give life and nourish life. Wherever your journey with your children takes you, may it be magical.